Will the WiREMS-HP work with the air conditioner in my holiday property?

It’s a question that we’re often asked and the answer is almost certainly ‘yes’.

The vast majority of remote controlled air conditioners have a different infrared signal for turning the AC on and off. There are however budget air conditioners on the market that use the same infrared signal for on and off in an effort to keep costs low although these are not commonplace. The WiREMS-HP is designed for air conditioners that use two different IR signals.

But how can I check? Follow these simple steps below to find out which you have.

  • Turn the air conditioner on using the ON button on the remote control
  • Completely cover the infrared LEDs on the end of the handset with your hand
  • Press the OFF button on the remote control
  • Remove your hand, point the remote control at the air conditioner and press the ON button again

If the AC turns off, your system uses the same infrared signal for on and off and won’t unfortunately be compatible.

If the AC beeps but continues to run, which is far more likely, then the WiREMS-HP is perfectly compatible, and you can look forward to a summer of holiday rentals with peace of mind that your costs are being effectively managed.

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