The true cost of air conditioning in your holiday property and how to make that money back

If you’re a holiday property owner, then you’ll know how big your electricity bills can be and you’ll also know that it’s mostly down to guests leaving the air conditioning running when they’re out for the day.

This is exactly why we designed the WiREMS-HP, to make sure that this expensive problem is a thing of the past and your rental profits aren’t being swallowed up.

However, whist significant savings can be made by switching the air conditioning off in empty rooms, up to a further 30% can be saved by limiting the adjustable temperature and preventing your guests from turning the air conditioning down to 16°c with the windows open, whilst wrapped in a duvet (we’re holiday property owners ourselves and we really have seen it all!).

The recommended temperature to ensure maximum energy efficiency in the summer is around 24°c. If the temperature is adjusted down to 16°c (another 8°c reduction in cooling!), the air conditioning has to work incredibly, to try and achieve and maintain that temperature. Due to the constant running, your expensive air conditioning is being damaged and stressed with a strong likelihood that the coils will ice up. The inevitable result as well as significantly higher energy bills, is spending more money on repairs, maintenance and ultimately replacement.

Once you start to factor this into the equation as well as the energy that’s being wasted by running the air conditioning with the doors and windows open (another problem that the WiREMS will eliminate), the annual costs really do mount up.

Let’s do the maths.

Assuming an average 2.5kW system supplying 3 rooms (approx 70m²) running 24/7 at 16°c

Air conditioning usage

Monday - Sunday 24hrs per day x 7 days = 168hrs x 2.5kWh = 420kWh per week x .134c/kWh = €56.28 per week to run the system

Occupancy savings

Assuming the guests are out each day – 10am-6pm & 8pm-11pm=11 hrs per day x 7 days

The property is un-occupied for 77 hrs per week

Un-occupancy is therefore 45.83% costing €25.79 per week to cool the empty property

This money can be saved by installing our controls

Temperature savings

Limiting the temperature to 24°c rather than allowing adjustment down to 16°c saves around a further 33% = €8.60 saved per week

Total savings €34.39 per week

So next, we offset these savings against the cost of the controls, to calculate how long it would take to see the money you invested, returned to you (based on controls in all 3 rooms)

And the answer is an impressive 11.8 weeks

Installation needs to be included (but there’s no wiring involved so it won’t add much) and maybe sometimes you have guests that do switch the air conditioners off, but even erring on the side of caution, our clients nearly always see a return on investment before the end of the rental season.

So what are you waiting for? Don’t waste any more time or money.

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