Testimonial - Reducing air conditioning costs and increasing rental margins in holiday properties

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"We own a small apartment in Spain and needed to install an air conditioning system that would do the job but also keep the running costs in check. Not only is Climateq's WiREMS-HP a simple solution to a complex problem, it is also a very cost effective way of controlling future costs.

You always hear when a company is found to be failing in its customer services – well I can tell you from personal experience that Climateq is not one. Their customer service is, I have to say, second to none – nothing is too much trouble, a truly outstanding approach, which is unlikely to be matched.

So now, not only do we have a system that will give us peace of mind that our energy costs are being effectively managed, but it has been designed by a company that really does care."

Colin & Steph Weston

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