Partnership agreement announced between Climateq & Smart Sustainable Services, Dubai

Climateq & Smart Sustainable Services partner to deliver innovative energy-saving solutions for air conditioning and HVAC systems in the Middle East & Africa

Jan 13, 2021 – Climateq is delighted to announce that it has entered a new strategic partnership with Smart Suatinabale Services in Dubai to deliver innovative energy-saving solutions for air conditioning and HVAC Systems in the Middle East & Africa.

This partnership will combine SSS’s energy efficiency expertise as a qualified provider of market-leading energy-saving solutions, with Climateq’s expertise over the provision of air conditioning control solutions, built for today’s increasingly demanding environments.

Building owners are constantly looking to improve their financial planning and operational expenses, needing intelligent & flexible solutions. It's no secret that the rapid pace of change impacts different businesses and industries in different ways. With this new partnership, SSS's customers and stakeholders will have more options and solutions to address their utility expense problems and improve the operation and performance of their buildings.

As Energy Efficiency Advisers. Smart Sustainable Services helps and supports its customers to increase revenues and cash flow by delivering high tech, cost-optimized and innovative energy-saving solutions.

Smart Sustainable Services empowers individuals, businesses and communities to achieve the highest profits by investing in energy efficiency projects through facilitating finance and offering innovative business models.

Since its formation in 2010, Climateq has become the market leader for low cost, high impact energy saving air con solutions. Their innovative range of PIR based occupancy controls are designed to significantly reduce costs by turning air conditioners off once rooms have been vacated. Climateq’s products are specified across a diverse range of projects from reducing the running costs and carbon emissions of holiday properties to large scale programmes installing hundreds of controls in hospitals and universities. Climateq’s product range is designed to ensure maximum energy savings with a rapid return on investment putting their clients in control of their energy consumption.

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