How to reduce your HVAC running cost by 20 - 40%

The importance of caring for the environment cannot be underlined and exclamation-marked enough, and as a result organisations are facing more regulations (and social expectations) to future-proof their infrastructure. As air conditioning is the biggest factor in growing electricity demand, it would be a natural first step to address on the steep road to Net Zero.

No matter the size of the building, there are plenty of opportunities to optimise HVAC equipment. With millions of aging, inefficient air conditioning units in estates all around the world, simple retrofit controls are an easy way to improve performance and offer a budget-friendly solution to reduce running costs and carbon emissions.

The motion sensors of Climateq’s
WiREMS controls enable room level automation and improve efficiency when spaces are vacant. They also limit room temperature adjustment to reduce unnecessary energy use.

Where there is constant occupancy in busy areas requiring continuous operation of the HVAC, PIR controls are less effective, but another of our products, the SMARTCOOL ECO3, makes its savings while the system is running, meaning the longer the runtime, the bigger the savings. Designed for large multi-split & VRF/V systems, the control reduces the run time of compressors by around 25% without affecting the temperature, offering financial and carbon savings of an equivalent amount.

SMARTCOOL ESM adjusts the control parameters of chillers by applying intelligent cycle optimisation prompting the air conditioning or refrigeration compressor to function more often at a higher, more energy efficient suction pressure.

In process cooling applications where the air conditioning operates continuously at a fixed temperature, e.g. server, UPS and plant rooms, the
COOLNOMIX AC-01 is installed to prevent the unnecessary overrunning of the compressor. These systems which are oversized by design to cater for maximum load and heat conditions so energy wastage is inevitable. The room temperature remains unaffected and savings of 20% or more are easily achievable which when you consider the running costs for an air conditioner that operates 365 days a year, a 20% reduction in energy usage and carbon output is an extremely attractive proposition. Add into that the additional reduction in the inevitable repair and maintenance costs and it becomes clear why hundreds of CFOs have already signed off projects involving the installation of our technologies.

Mention we have engineers? All these easy-to-install solutions also contribute to a longer AC equipment lifespan and reduced maintenance costs, are non-invasive and have no effect on any manufacturers’ warranties. For a non-committal chat, call our office on
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