Case Study - Driving down air conditioning running costs for the NHS

In an effort to reduce energy costs and carbon emissions in their Dental Block, The Royal Liverpool Hospital installed 18 of Climateq’s Attendant controls. These clever devices are designed to prevent air conditioners from wasting energy by running in empty rooms.

None of the 18 AC units were linked to the BMS so they were totally reliant on the last person out turning them off. Inevitably, in a busy hospital, this was often over-looked and air conditioners were regularly left running over night or all weekend.

The Trust's Energy Manager, Andrew Johnson chose the Attendant because it was "a simple but clever solution that monitored room occupancy and ensured that the air conditioning was only running when needed." He added, "By incorporating window sensors, the air conditioning was turned off if windows were opened. This meant that the system maintained a comfortable environment for staff and patients while reducing costs and providing energy and carbon savings."

He discovered excessive out of hours running was a common problem and calculated that by installing the controls, energy wastage would be significantly reduced by approximately £3,900 per year based on 6.7p/kWh and a carbon emission saving of 32 tonnes hiving him a return on investment in just over 54 weeks. This made Andrew a very happy Energy Manager indeed.

Contact Climateq on +44 (0)1202 556122 and let us explain how for a very minimal investment you could make a significant reduction in your energy consumption and carbon footprint. Be happy like Andrew.

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