Co-op roll-out of Smartcool technologies saves big £££

Central England Co-operative (Co-op) just signed off a purchase order for the installation of Smartcool™ ECO3 for 68 of their sites! The project includes installing the Smartcool™ optimisation technology on 120 Mitsubishi, Daikin, Fujitsu, and Toshiba heat pumps.

Of course, Co-op did some extensive testing of the Smartcool™ technology over sites for six months. What convinced them was the fact that the savings exceeded 25% in kWh consumption in comparison to normal operations. Co-op is expecting annual savings in excess of 860,000 kWh (the equivalent of 200 tonnes of CO2, or 80 acres of trees - every year!) resulting in a simple payback of less than 3 years!

The Co-op Group is currently in discussions about further installations across their 7,000-site estate. Kevin Collins, Head of Facilities and Technical Services at Co-op, said "After reviewing all the energy data, it was clear that Smartcool was very effective in reducing kWh whilst maintaining temperature. This initial project will be part of the Co-op's ongoing commitment to reducing our Carbon Footprint."

If you want to find out how the Smartcool™ technology can save you around 25% of your heating & cooling costs caused by air handling units, water or air-cooled chillers, and large multi-split VRV/VRF systems, visit and contact our team on

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