​Driving down holiday rental property energy consumption by 50% is “simple and affordable” – says Climateq Limited

Holiday property landlords can take control of energy use, making significant savings and keeping happy families returning every year

This is the message from British manufacturer and designer of air conditioning and lighting controls, Climateq Limited. The company is urging owners and managers of holiday rental properties to take control of energy use. The guidance from Climateq is straightforward: the implementation of simple control technology strategies will deliver significant energy savings and improve the internal climate in rental properties – thus improving the overall ‘experience’ of holiday makers.

Holiday rental property owners and directors are well aware of the issues says Climateq’s Sales Director Samantha Flavell; “Right across the holiday property rental sector, from single dwellings to larger portfolios, the challenges associated with reducing energy use are on the increase. For example, the Spanish Government have recently passed legislation which dictates that any property being used for holiday letting can no longer charge separately for air conditioning as has often been the case in the past.

“However, when you consider that typical savings of up to 50% can be made implementing simple, affordable controls, it’s easy to see why it makes good sense to take control of a property’s energy use, without compromising guest comfort.”

Challenges for owners, operators and managers

“Today’s energy-conscious consumers are discerning customers who more and more often demand proof of sustainability when they shop, including when planning their holidays. People want to see that efforts are made to reduce carbon footprints. This can present a challenge for those responsible for holiday properties, especially when searching for a controls-based solution which is reliable, affordable and won’t impact on the overall guest experience.

“In addition, the property owner is regularly faced with increased energy bills when air conditioners are left running, often when the property is empty. Over the course of the rental season, these charges add up, significantly reducing rental profits.”

Sophisticated but simple solution

Ms Flavell continues, “However, there is a solution. Climateq’s British designed and manufactured technology puts holiday rental property owners and managers in control, reducing air conditioning costs in individual rooms.

“The WiREMS-HP is specifically designed to provide affordable but reliable control of remote controlled air conditioners in holiday rental properties. This technology automatically turns air conditioners off once occupants have departed dramatically reducing energy costs. Expanding the system to include window and door sensors means that costs are reduced even further by turning air conditioners off if either have been left open. The door sensor is also designed to ensure that the air conditioning remains on at night while guests are asleep, plus the time delay can be adjusted between 15 and 60 minutes if you would prefer to maintain the temperature for longer once the room has been vacated. Another massive plus point is that the WiREMS-HP is battery operated and requires no wiring so installation is easy. This really is intelligent control at its best.”

For more information on any aspect of energy saving in holiday rental properties; please contact Climateq on +44 (0)1202 556 122.

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