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Breaking the mould

Creating what the market was missingAfter selling his electronic…

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The cooling of server rooms is not just complicated, it is also very expensive

The cooling of server rooms is not just complicated, it is also…

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TM44 inspections - what are they and why do I need them?

The rules are quite clear, and yet, as so often when dealing…

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One month and twenty-two days left for massive tax relief

Are you paying too much for your electricity? If you haven't…

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Climateq is introducing new carbon-reducing products guaranteed to save you money

Even though air conditioning is the biggest driver in growing…

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How to reduce your HVAC running cost by 20 - 40%

The importance of caring for the environment cannot be underlined…

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Will we ever kick our plastic addiction?

Is it finally going to happen? Will single-use plastic finally disappear…

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Is Net Zero enough?

On the 14 October 2022, The Guardian published an article on…

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Fast fashion contributes 8-10% of global carbon emissions. What can we do to change that?

Fast fashion has been a bug bear of ours for years, and considering…

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Happy retirement, Andy Johnson!

29/07/2022 - Everyone at Climateq would like to wish the legendary…

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The benefits of Net Zero for businesses

The benefits of Net Zero for businesses Net Zero is enshrined…

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Co-op roll-out of Smartcool technologies saves big £££

Central England Co-operative (Co-op) just signed off a purchase…

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Breeze the Squeeze - 12 tips to lower the effects of the energy crisis

Climateq shares twelve easy adjustments that could make the energy…

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Could carbon dioxide save our planet?

It's man-made, up to 4,180 times more damaging to the climate…

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We are moving!

After 11 years, the old place started to feel crammed.So, on…

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Does air conditioning accelerate climate change?

Simple answer: yes, it does. Climate change and related global…

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The Meat Pie In The Sky

Can you remember a day when you didn’t hear about climate change?…

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The risk of extinction from manmade toxins

The good news: 110 new species discovered. The bad news: 120,372…

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Do electric cars still make sense in light of rising energy prices?

The website conducted a poll on electric cars…

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Global Warming - Full Report on the Current Climate Crisis

Global Warming Current Status: Full ReviewWhen looking at information…

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The Environmental Impact of Returning Your Unwanted On-line Purchases

Returning, Recycling & Rehoming: The Story of Your Unwanted Purchases…

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Change Your Daily Habits

Small Changes, Big Impacts We all want to protect the planet…

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Conscious Consumerism: Here To Stay?

Conscious Consumerism: Here To Stay? When we make a purchase,…

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Making Waves: Seaspiracy

Making Waves: Seaspiracy A new documentary has been making…

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The Carbon Footprint of Food

The Carbon Footprint Of Food With the world becoming increasingly…

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Choose Sustainability This Valentine's Day

Choose Sustainability This Valentine’s Day Valentine’s Day…

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7 Sustainable UK Brands Who Put Our Planet First

7 Sustainable UK Brands Who Put Our Planet First Brands have…

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Partnership agreement announced between Climateq & Smart Sustainable Services, Dubai

Climateq & Smart Sustainable Services partner to deliver innovative…

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12 Days of Sustainable Christmas

12 Days of Sustainable Christmas With Christmas quickly approaching,…

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A New Wind Blowing for Climate Change in the US

A New Wind Blowing for Climate Change in the US With the recent…

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5 Things You Didn't Know About Your Internet Use and Energy

5 Things You Didn’t Know About Your Internet Use and Energy …

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​5 ways you can help fight the global microfibre problem

5 ways you can help fight the global microfibre problem …

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Tiny to the human eye, but causing one big problem – the truth about microfibres

Tiny to the human eye, but causing one big problem – the truth…

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Is your fast fashion habit ruining the planet for future generations?

We’re taking a slightly different route with our blog this month,…

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Proud to be part of Albert - BAFTA's brilliant sustainability scheme

We're proud to be the partner of BAFTA's sustainability scheme,…

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Home working - How COVID-19 has opened employers’ eyes to the notion of flexible working

Homeworking has become a way of life for almost half of British…

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Reducing air conditioning's environmental impact is essential to our survival

With the number and intensity of heat waves on the rise, experts…

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Climateq - How we're helping Bristol's SMEs become carbon neutral

Climateq was invited to a meeting last week to discuss the City…

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VRF air conditioning? Climateq explains why you should always use occupancy controls

VRF systems are becoming increasingly more popular due to the…

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Will the WiREMS-HP work with the air conditioner in my holiday property?

It’s a question that we’re often asked and the answer is almost…

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Case Study - Driving down air conditioning running costs for the NHS

In an effort to reduce energy costs and carbon emissions in their…

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Climateq to present their energy saving controls at the 2018 NISEP launch in Belfast

Working in partnership with SDS based in Belfast, Climateq is…

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World's largest cruise operator closes in on 2020 emissions target

The world's largest leisure travel company, the Carnival Corporation,…

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Organisations in Northern Ireland qualify for 20% funding of Climateq's controls through the NISEP scheme

Are you an organisation in Northern Ireland who wants to reduce…

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Climateq Welcomes News of Salix Finance for University Energy-Efficiency Projects

Salix Finance has confirmed that interest-free financing is still…

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City of London Corporation announces energy-efficient lighting plans

The City of London Corporation has confirmed that “state-of-the-art”…

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Climateq to present at National Police Estates Group conference

Climateq's Sales Director Sam Flavell has been invited to present…

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Climateq Explains: Using Occupancy Controls for Air Conditioners to Reduce Energy Costs & CO2

The global demand for energy has increased enormously over the…

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Attendant IR for remote controlled air con

Attendant SW for wall controlled air con


WiREMS-WRC Tech sheet


WiREMS-ATT Tech sheet


WiREMS-HP Tech sheet


Attendant Tech sheet


EU's Best Environmental Management Practice in THE TOURISM SECTOR


Our trusted clients

Don't just take our word for it

The savings made by installing the controls was very quick. We’ve already seen a reduction in our energy use as a result and have calculated that the return on investment will be around six months which is outstanding. I’d certainly recommend other organisations and businesses install these controls. Climateq provided excellent support during the installations and any technical follow up help that was required.

Matteo Littera, Energy Manager - University of Salford

We worked with Climateq on an EPC that we were undertaking on behalf of St.George’s Hospital in London. This is an exceptionally busy hospital & we’d identified that the client was wasting a significant amount of energy cooling empty rooms. We therefore installed 150 Attendant controls across the estate to ensure that this waste was minimised. Climateq’s management of the project was excellent & the controls did exactly what we expected them to so we couldn’t have been happier.

Chris Coughlan, Construction Manager – Energy Performance, British Gas Business

We installed 18 ATT controls in our Dental Block and added the ATT’s window and door sensors to maintain a comfortable environment for staff and patients while also reducing costs, energy and carbon. Climateq’s service and technical support was excellent so following the success of this scheme we’ve decided to fit the ATT as standard to all new AC installations. Climateq is a great company with proven technology that has saved us loads of energy and money. I do not recommend many companies, but Climateq have built a good company in which I have confidence, long may it continue.

Andy Johnson – Energy Manager, Royal Liverpool and Broadgreen University Hospitals NHS Trust

High temperatures in Portugal means that the country is very HVAC reliant so effective control of air conditioning assures our clients of a significant reduction in operational costs. We undertook a logging exercise using the Attendant so we could examine the actual savings. We were extremely impressed when we saw that the Attendant had reduced the running costs by 52.67%.

Alfonso Martins - Technical Director, ElectroRep, Portugal

We have hundreds of air con units which are often left on overnight or all weekend. Our energy partner installed a data logger so that we could conduct a proper evaluation of the technology. Unsurprisingly, the data showed that when the Attendant was removed, the air conditioning was running all weekend. The case was proven and we placed an immediate order.

Mike Wilkinson – Energy Manager, Morecombe Bay Hospital

I own a holiday home in Spain. During the summer months our energy bills are huge owing to the fact that guests go out all day and leave the air con running. I contacted Climateq who were extremely helpful. They recommended their Attendant which was very reasonably priced. The installation which I did myself, was easy and I now have total peace of mind that my costs are being effectively managed. I thoroughly recommend the Attendant to anyone wanting to reduce their air con running costs.

Dave Green - Property owner, Costa Blanca

We were asked to investigate an increase in energy consumption in a recently built ICT suite at one of our primary schools and discovered that the air conditioning was constantly being left on despite the fact that the room was regularly unoccupied. Our calculations proved that we would see a return on investment in around 6 months which is well within the Council’s expected payback period of 3 years.

James King – Energy Manager, Bristol Council

James Paget Hospital commissioned 30 controls as part of an ongoing drive to reduce costs. The Attendant was easy to install which meant minimal disruption to the client’s working operation. Because the Attendant has proven energy and CO² reductions with a short payback period, we have since supplied and installed numerous controls for many of our other clients who are equally as happy.

Adrian Bonfield – Branch Manager, Adcock Air Conditioning

Thank you for all your assistance helping me set up the WiREMS system in my apartment. Your customer service was excellent, you responded within minutes to my enquiry and the system was set up to my needs following your very clear and precise instructions over the phone. The follow-up data sets are now safely stored and will be used to update the settings as required. The system works very well and saves significant energy usage, ensuring the heating or cooling is focused in a controlled environment. Once again, thank you for your excellent service.

Steve Yollan - Owner, Home Yolland, Acapulco Playa, Nerja, Andalucía, Spain

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