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Welcome to Climateq

Climateq Ltd is the manufacturer of the Air-Economiser range of air-conditioning controls designed to reduce energy usage on a room occupancy basis. In addition to energy savings and minimised operational costs, the reduction of carbon emissions is also achieved, helping organisations to comply with the Government’s carbon reduction legislation.

Products Overview


The Air-Economiser Prima controls the use of air-conditioning by switching off the power to the system if no movement is detected after a pre-set time limit has elapsed. The ‘time-out’ is adjustable between 5 and 30 minutes in the set-up menu. When movement is next sensed, the power to the system will be switched back on. read more


The Attendant range of wireless room climate controls offers the ultimate in cost effective air-conditioning management on a room occupancy basis. The Attendant range falls into two categories. Firstly wall mounted air-conditioners which are controlled with infrared signals that replicate the signals of the hand held remote control. Secondly, for concealed air-conditioning systems which are controlled by an on-board relay and propriety interface. read more


Did you know...?

Each degree higher that you set your air conditioner's thermostat allows it to use 1 to 3% less electricity. (source Carbonrally).

An average 2.5kW air-conditioning unit emits approximately 1.36Kg of carbon per hour (source National Energy Foundation).

Just ten 2.5kW (average) air-conditioning units running for 1 hour each per day whilst rooms are unoccupied results in 25 hours of wasted energy per day and approximately 13.6kg of unnecessary carbon emissions.

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